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Submit Your Work!

Submissions from guest artists are a big part of what makes Inspire U tick.

The world is full of people doing all kinds of interesting things small and large that are beautiful, artistic, thought provoking and inspiring; part of our mission is to showcase the inspired things that people are up to and share them with the world!

If you are an artist, amateur of professional, or are engaged in any creative pursuit be it music, sculpture, photography, video, poetry, or whatever and would like to share it with people who would love to experience it, you are in the right place.

Inspire U magazine has featured the work of a growing number of contributing artists who have participated in interviews and allowed us to highlight their creative output in articles and multimedia presentations. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to place the things they were inspired to create in front of an audience of people who love that kind of thing!

We always give credit to the artists and part of our goal is to create the opportunity for positive exposure. Artists are featured in multiple places in the magazine itself and on our website and social media. there are many opportunities for readers to follow links to the artists' personal or commercial website or to go to on line marketplaces like Amazon where their work is for sale. If your work is not for sale or not sellable or no one has heard of you? That's great too! We just want to show the world some cool stuff!

So get in touch using the form on the side, send us a few samples and let us know what you are up to.

If it looks like a good fit we will get in touch with you directly and you could be the next featured artist in Inspire U Magazine!

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