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Vincent Finnan

Vincent lives with his wife Angela in the Lancashire town of St Helens midway between Manchester and Liverpool, England.

His passion for art started from the moment he could hold a pencil, grew throughout his school years, and blossomed during his formal art studies in the early 1970’s. His main discipline is painting where he is versatile in oils, water colour and acrylics.

Having originally combined his artistic pursuits with managerial careers in the retail and financial sectors, Vincent now concentrates solely on his painting and writings on art history. His extensive knowledge of art absorbed and refined over a 40 year period, has led him to create a website focusing solely on Italian Renaissance Art.

Vincent’s philosophy is that, whenever possible, art should be viewed in the flesh. He certainly practices what he preaches travelling extensively in Italy and beyond, visiting Florence, Rome, the Vatican and Venice to view many of the Renaissance masterpieces. He has also travelled to the Louvre in Paris, Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Picasso museum in Barcelona and in 2014, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

His ultimate goal through the creation of his website is to educate and inspire people about art in general and Renaissance art in particular; encouraging them to go out and experience art first hand in museums and galleries.

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