Antonio Maloof is a contributor to Inspire U Magazine

“Handle a book as a bee does a flower, extract its sweetness but do not
damage it.”

 ―John Muir

Antonio Maloof

Seldom seen in public and never recognized when he is, Antonio Maloof is a regular contributor to Inspire U Magazine.

His engaging writing style and penetrating analysis are a boon to the magazine. The fact that his submissions come in the form of messages coded with a complex cypher he developed after reading 'Digital Fortress' by Dan Brown is a small price to pay.

An avid consumer of books, movies, art and all things relevant to the Human Experience, Antonio has an opinion on everything and is never shy to pass it along in his regular column 'Minds Eye'.

Antonio is never at a loss for words and welcomes your comments on anything he has to say. Though you cannot contact him directly Inspire U will happily forward your messages if you contact us here!