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Trevor Yorke

Trevor is an artist who has been fascinated by old buildings since childhood. While fellow students were composing surreal pictures and graphic designs, he was painting Medieval churches and highway bridges in traditional oils! Trevor used his later experience as a map maker and interior designer to perfect his own style of pen and ink drawing. He then began illustrating walking books before producing his own unique guidebooks to areas around his home near London.

Unfortunately in 2001, the English countryside was shut down due to an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease and his publisher suggested he started work on a series of books about historic buildings until the situation improved. Now with nearly 30 books published about the architecture and engineering wonders of Britain he never did go back to writing walking books.

Trevor’s books are packed with his own drawings, diagrams and photos to make even the most daunting of subjects approachable for those with no background knowledge. They are designed as a great starting point to give the reader an introduction to historic buildings from old country houses and Medieval castles to Georgian terraces and English cottages. He is currently working on a book about the architectural glories of the Victorian Railways which is due for publication later this year.

Trevor is an enthusiastic hill walker and cyclist and lives with his wife and two children in Leek, a small town on the edge of the Peak District, England.

You can find out more about Trevor and his books on his website:

or follow him on Facebook at trevoryorke-author