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Paul Prappas

Originally from the United States, Paul Prappas now resides in Nelson, British Columbia where he teaches music privately, directs theatrical productions for teens, and supports his partner with her consulting business. His free time is devoted to hiking in the back-country, and pursuing his love of birding.

Paul participates as a guide for the Creston Valley Bird Fest, helps out with many of the Kootenay Bird Counts, and has collected bird breeding data for the British Columbia Breeding Bird Atlas.

Paul and his partner Carolee travel throughout North America exploring its many natural areas in search of the hundreds of bird species that rely on these critical habitats. This June 2015 will find them adventuring on an eight day river raft trip through the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Paul is an advocate of citizen science and encourages anyone interested in birds to get involved with local bird counts. He encourages people to contribute to the understanding and preservation of birds by entering their sightings into online sites such as e-Bird, which is managed by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.