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John Neville

John has had a lifelong interest in birds which began in England. His serious field recordings of birds began in 1993 after studying with the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds at Cornell University. John has since been a regular supplier of nature recordings to the Library of Natural Sounds.

Through his recording company, Neville Recording, John has recently produced 'Bird Songs of Canada' which features 4 CD sets with over 1000 recordings of 435 bird species listed by the AOU in 2012 and ordered in English, French and Latin. Previous recordings also include seventeen regional sound guides to bird identification, and a e-book titled 'Travelling the Dempster'.

Regularly invited to present at birding festivals, John has been involved with the Brant Festival, Wings over the Rockies and the Meadowlark Festival. He has published articles in journals for the Ontario Federation of Naturalists (Seasons), BC Field Ornithologists (BC Birds), Wildlife Sound Recording Society (Wildlife Sound), and BC Nature, of which he was the past president.

Recently John's nature recordings have been used by the Canadian Wildlife Service for training, in the Parks Canada interpretive programs, and on CBC Television 'The Nature of Things'. His work is now being exhibited in the new Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria B.C., which displays the definitive collection of Robert Bateman’s work.

John records in the wild with great sensitivity for the critters and field-craft awareness. His major aim is that the quality and art of his nature recordings, will make people more aware of feathered creatures and their need for protected habitats.

To purchase 'Bird Songs of Canada' or listen to interviews with John and sample his recordings you can go to his web site:; recordings are also available on iTunes under John Neville/Bird Songs of Canada. John can be contacted at:

NEVILLE RECORDING 760 Walkers Hook Rd Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1N5

ph: 250 537 4121