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Hubble Space Telescope

Residing in low Earth orbit, Hubble has been taking pictures for the last 25 years. Originally diagnosed with a spherical aberration of the primary mirror, Hubble`s photographic career was in jeopardy until successfully undergoing corrective surgery in 1993, in one of the most complex space operations ever attempted.

Since then Hubble has sent literally hundreds of thousand of images to colleagues and admirers on Earth. Credited with numerous scientific discoveries, including revealing the age of the universe, playing a key roll in the discovery of dark energy, and showing galaxies in all stages of evolution, Hubble has had a distinguished career working in collaboration with NASA, the ESA, and the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Due to the discontinuation of the Shuttle Program, Hubble received its final service in 2009 and has considered retiring since 2013. Recently though, retirement plans seem to have been put on hold in anticipation of the James Webb Space Telescope taking over Hubble`s duties in 2018.

You can learn more about Hubble and view hundreds of down-loadable images at