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André van der Hoeven

André van der Hoeven was born in 1975 in HI-Ambacht, the Netherlands. After high school, he studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft where his studies focused on researching Earth from space. His bachelors provided him with the opportunity to spend two months working in the field of processing and analysis of the Landsat Satellite imagery.

For his masters, he specialized in the field of GPS data processing and analysis, resulting in a focus on the influence of water vapour on GPS signal delays. These results were used to set up a water vapour measurement network for the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI).

After his studies, he worked for seven years in the university doing GPS research on plate tectonic movements in Indonesia, the Azores and Romania.

Upon leaving the university, he decided to share his experience and knowledge with younger students and became a high school physics teacher.

Since childhood, astronomy and space travel have been a keen interest of his. In 2010 he had the opportunity to write course materials on astronomy for his students. The writing of this material re-triggered his interest in this topic and he decided to pursue it further.

He bought his first telescope – a Celestron C11 – in March 2010, and coincidentally, it came with a CCD camera (SBIG-ST7), designed for taking photographs of space. He made his first astrophotographs in April 2010; since then, he continues improving his techniques and equipment. The results of his efforts and long nights can be seen in the many beautiful images he has created.