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Ali Scott

Ali Scott is drawn to the world around her and has used many mediums including paint, clay and textiles to express herself as an artist. Through an ongoing creative exploration, she eventually became aware of the ancient art of feltmaking which has since become her abiding passion. Today she wholly concentrates her artistic expression as a feltmaker, creating stunning and colourful 'paintings' with wool.

Ali's fascination to artistically create and celebrate the beauty that surrounds her began at an early age, when, as a child growing up in Australia and the South of England, she drew and painted obsessively. This led her, in the late seventies, to study art at Bournemouth College of Art and Design in the UK. Plans changed, however, when she fell in love and ran away to Wales to live in a tipi community; here she learned the traditional crafts of spinning and weaving whilst living a simple life, close to nature.

After a couple of house moves within Wales, Ali found herself immersed in a creative culture where she met several inspiring painters and artists who had left the busy life of London for the quiet of the Welsh landscape. She had the wonderful opportunity of studying with several of them and this led to her working within her community, using art in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Ali has been happily settled in Wales for thirty five years and lives in a farming community in the sparsely populated county of Ceredigion, from which she draws much of her inspiration. It is here that she captures the illusive beauty of the light and shadow of the Welsh landscape within her vibrant, textural felt art.

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