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Welcome to the contact page. Please send letters to the editor with any comments or thoughts you might have. If you have any questions or anything you would like to say to us this is the place. The form below is the best method to send us a message, it is just like sending an e-mail and it will work on any device!

This form is only for messages but if you would like to send us your inspirational photos for our Picture Yourself page there is a form there that you can attache your photo to. Check it out here for more information or go to Picture Yourself on the menu bar. You can get everything you need to know there.

Do you have artwork, photography, music, or anything you would like to show the world? We would love to feature your work in our magazine! Join a growing list of talented people who have contributed to Inspire U. See some of them on the Contributors page and go to the Submissions tab on the menu bar. There is another form there you can use to submit your work or learn a little bit more about the process.

Our goal is to provide a little bit of beauty and inspiration that ripples out into the world and hearing from you helps us do that. Let us know what's on your mind; send us a message!

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